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In all wars, disasters and in the developing world in general; it isthe disabled child, especially the intellectually disabled child that is the first to die; it is the disabled child that is the first to get disease and infection; it is the disabled child that is the last to get resources when they are handed out.”



Overall Objective

Disabled children / young people and their families, live in and be part of their own communities with dignity

A primary goal in the treatment and management of the mentally underdevelopment child is optimal development of the child’s strengths. Taking into account individual interests, personal experiences, and available resources.

Another major goal is the development of social adaptive skills to help the child function as normally as possible. It is particularly important that mentally less developed children receive special education and training, ideally beginning in infancy. Such education has been enormously beneficial and has been extended with positive effects including to those suffering profound underdevelopment.

The prognosis for mentally underdeveloped children is related more to the timing and aggressiveness of treatment, personal motivation, training opportunities, and associated medical and environmental conditions, than to the mental underdevelopment itself. With early intervention and good support systems, many mentally underdeveloped children can and have become productive members of the society.

Successful management leads to independent functioning for some and a sheltered environment for others. Even those whose disabilities require total care benefit from appropriate stimulation and training.

Therefore with the above in mind and taking into account how MENCAFEP has worked in the past, present and will work in the future, let’s look at MENCAFEP’s Objectives, Intermediate Objectives and consequent results and therefore the basic format of the training programme



My Three Weeks Training at MENCAFEP

Alice Humphreys – student – London UK


Intermediate Objective

Children with disabilities are empowered by obtained skills.

Youngsters with disability have increased income.

Children with disability have improved help.

Families and communities accept children with disabilities.

Teachers and CBR workers use improved didactics.

Recommendations accepted by authorities.


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