“Terre des hommes – Netherlands has been supporting MENCAFEP since 1990. This project was the first of its kind in Sri Lanka at involving the families and community at large in the development activities of disabled children and is still the only organisation for disabled children in Sri Lanka that is governed by a board consisting of parents of disabled children. MENCAFEP is run by a dedicated staff, the majority whom have been with the organisation for over 20 years. MENCAFEP has conducted numerous training sessions for Government staff and staff of other NGO’s.” - Lei Brouns, South Asia Regional Director for the Hague The Netherlands based Terre des Hommes.






“We helped form a coalition of organisations caring for the disabled children here in Batticaloa. Of the 50 staff working in these organisations, only one had any training. We organised some training programmes here, but it was felt some hands-on training was needed to improve quality. We were exploring possibilities of sending some workers to India. We heard about MENCAFEP and made a visit. We were impressed with the professional nature of care based on the rights of the child rather than a charitable approach that is common elsewhere. I feel their approach is most suited to the needs that exist here.”- Dr. M. Ganesan, Consultant Psychiatrist, Batticaloa TeachingHospital.


“There is a clear need for NGO services within Batticaloa as there is a lack of Government services. There are high numbers of disabled children due to several reasons, including first cousin marriages, poor delivery practices, poor parental knowledge in responding to illness and last but not least over 25 years of civil war. In Batticaloa only 1 to 5 percent of disabled children in the area receive any form of day-care. The quality of teaching and caring demonstrated by the staff based in MENCAFEP is probably of the highest standard found within Sri Lanka. This is clearly due to the management, the vision, approaches and methods of the organisation, and the ability to find and retain staff members that clearly enjoy their work. I have spent many weeks at MENCAFEP during which time some of our staff from Batticaloa were being trained and was impressed with the methods and teaching techniques used.” - Darren Mills, Psycho-social Project Manager, Terre des Hommes – Lausanne – Switzerland.


“MENCAFEP’s work is quite unique in Sri Lanka in providing a community-based program for children with severe disabilities, their parents and care-givers, without which these children would receive no assistance. MENCAFEP has been responsible for championing the cause of the child and family with physical and mental disability particularly in rural areas, where within the culture, it is common for the mother to be seen having done something wrong in a previous life. In some cases families of disabled children can be ostracised from their communities.” - Dr. Robert Parsons, M.B.E., Founder of the Hemel Hempstead, UK – based, Hope For Children.

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