MENCAFEP Track Record

MENCAFEP – Nuwara Eliya is currently working with nearly 642 children/young people and their families.

MENCAFEP – Batticaloa and Trincomalee the projects are working with over 2500 children, young people and their families.  Since its inception in 1988 MENCAFEP has worked with and helped another 3000 disabled children/young people and their families.

MENCAFEP – Batticaloa, along with the unit in Trincomalee is currently working with 629 children/young people and their families in its centre and home visit programme. MENCAFEP – Batticaloa has in the past assisted over 2000 children and their families.

The Training aspect of MENCAFEP’s work has developed over the years of MENCAFEP’s existence. It was primarily set up to deal with MENCAFEP’s staff training needs. As the programme and staff have developed, and with word spreading of the unique work that was taking place. It was decided to open up the project as a training resource for other people interested in working with disabled children in the way MENCAFEP has developed its systems.

Trainees have come from all over Sri Lanka, South Asia and Europe, from 1 weeks training to 3 months training. The training technique used is ‘learning by doing”. It is very much a practical / hands on training course, with the trainee becoming part of the MENCAFEP family, with theory input taking place in the evenings.

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